Allergic to dish soap – Lymes disease

Allergic to dish soap – Lymes disease

Before I was diagnosed with Lymes disease, one of the symptoms was a strange rash on my right hand.

A dermatologist misdiagnosed it as eczema, an auto-immune disorder.  He prescribed strong steroids, both oral and cream, and you know what – the rash did clear up!   And then it came back with a vengeance if I tried to stop the steroids.

The diagnosis didn’t seem right to me.  I have had eczema from my childhood, but never on the inside of my hands.  This seemed like an infection to me, but the expert said no.

I tried using moisturizing lotion and became allergic to it in a few days.  Now I had two rashes – one mystery rash on the inside of my hand, and one allergic rash on the back of my hand.

Then I became allergic to my regular dish soap – Palmolive – that I had been using for years. What was going on???

It was at this point that I switched to a gentle unscented cleanser.   The SIMPLE foaming cleanser.   It was expensive compared to soap, but it worked.  My allergic rashes disappeared and my mystery rash reduced (but never fully cleared up).


It was several months later, after being on antibiotics for Lymes disease (based on different symptoms), that my mystery rash finally healed.  Turns out, rashes like this can be caused by Lymes or by other tick-borne disease. And my allergic reactions seemed to be linked to the infection – I’m no longer allergic to dish soap.


I’m still using the SIMPLE foaming facial cleanser though.  And highly recommend it for anyone who has allergy issues, or simply needs a clean, no-residue soap.

Here is a link to reviews of the cleaner on the SIMPLE site:  Simple Foaming Cleanser 

And here is a link to the product on Amazon, for your convenience.




Best wishes for healthy skin!  And talk to a Lymes specialist if think you might have symptoms!!

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