Bringing up the Natural Baby

Bringing up the Natural Baby

While much of the world is interested in going modern, keeping up with the latest advances in technology and looking for anything sleek and shiny, many parents these days are interested in something different. When you transition from adulthood to parenthood, your focus changes on what’s important. Suddenly, the hottest new gadget seems insignificant when you compare it with the responsibilities of bringing up a baby.


For many parents, they are drawn to nature, looking to it for advice.


This of course makes perfect sense, as the role of a parent is one that is completely natural. In fact, there is something so instinctual about having a baby that it’s no wonder so many find their attention focused on how to be natural when it comes to raising their child.


But what does it actually mean to raise a “natural” child?


Although some may immediately think of “natural babies” as the children of “hippie” parents or parents that are too overprotective, today more than ever the notion of “natural” is one that needs to be considered.


Our modern world and the things in it are more processed and potentially more dangerous than they were just a few decades ago. From chemicals in household products to a constant inundation of technology, it seems like most of our lives have become anything but natural.


And maybe this is why parents want their children to be more natural; it’s a reaction to how they are living their lives.


Here are a few ways that parents today are choosing to bring up their babies naturally.


Natural Products. Many parents are going out of their way to choose products for their babies that are not filled with chemicals or artificial ingredients. When it comes to food, many parents look for organic options, ones that are unprocessed and non-GMO.


Less Screen Time. Babies are exposed to the lifestyle of their parents – and they often learn their habits from them, as well. For this reason, many parents are choosing to limit their screen time, whether on phones or TVs, so as to let their children experience the world in a more organic, and natural, state.


More Outdoor Time. To counteract the impact of technology, parents are doing their best to get outside with their babies as much as possible. From play dates at the park to evening hikes and camping trips, could anything be better for babies than fresh air?


So while it’s true that natural looks different for every parent, perhaps what’s more important is the intention behind the natural trend. As more and more people recognize that are modern lifestyles can easily become imbalanced, we have hope to help right some of the wrongs from the past.


Will natural babies overcome the obesity epidemic? Will they save the environment and the planet? Will they fight for human rights by refusing to buy products that are harmful for their health?


Only time will tell, but we think that the future is not only looking natural – but it’s looking bright.

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